Hi! My name's Amali and I have a passion for skincare and science. Makeup is fun too. This blog is just a series of posts of what I am currently musing. Sometimes I am serious, sometimes sarcastic. But, I am always honest. I also love health, fashion and food. The one thing I can take away from my university experience into real life is reading medical journals. Mainly about skincare; the beauty industry is becoming more innovative as new research presents itself, but not everyone plays this game. If you like some science thrown into your beauty routine, stick around! 

Amali Muses is PR friendly! If you have a business enquiry or would like speak with me about a sponsored project, please email me at info.amalimuses@gmail.com.

I love both nature and science when it comes to skincare, and am always on the hunt for the next best thing. I'm an adventurous 20-something with a love for beauty + science.

About the blog

All content and opinions are my own. When writing reviews for a particular product, I write my honest opinion based on my own research and personal experience. 

Affiliate links will be disclosed. See my disclaimer.

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