Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Quick Acne Clearing Tips

Here are a few things I do when I need to get rid of spots that have surfaced unexpectedly. When I follow these tips, my skin clears up a lot faster.

Use topical treatments
I've used salicylic acid based products in the past, and they are very effective in clearing up spots. I now mostly use azelaic acid, which functions in a similar way to benzoyl peroxide, without the drying after effects. I also find the azelaic acid reduces any redness in spots, and reduces inflammation in a way other products don't. Here is a review of the product I have been using. Azelaic acid also helps with other skin conditions, here's a post on what the latest science says.

Drink more water, and try to get at  least 8 cups a day.

Blending kale, spinach or collards with frozen fruit is an easy easy way to get those nutrients and antioxidants in without feeling like your drinking your front lawn. I always feel like I'm doing something good for my skin (and health) when I drink green juice, and it's great for those who aren't fond of salad.

Cut out dairy
I don't really eat dairy (at least, I try not to but I occasionally slip up, usually when it comes to desserts). Cutting out dairy is how I initially cured my cystic acne. Here are a few posts about the link between acne and dairy:
5 Reasons why Dairy Causes Acne
I gave up Dairy and Became Acne Free

This is especially helpful before a pimple surfaces; if I take this early enough, spots aren't as red and inflamed like they usually would be and sometimes don't even flare up. A lot of people who have acne are actually zinc deficient, and find that once they start supplementing, and then include zinc in their diet, their acne goes away.
Vitamins for Skin: Zinc

These tips help me when my skin isn't looking its best, and eating healthier just makes me feel better in general, so it's a win-win.

xo, Amali

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