Sunday, 26 June 2016

Azclear Azelaic acid Review

I finally found azelaic acid in the pharmacy. I'm still not sure if I couldn't find it because I didn't look hard enough the first time, or because it's actually harder to find in smaller stores.

If you want to know how azelaic acid could benefit you, here's a detailed post. To put it briefly, if you have hyperpigmentation, rosacea, or acne this could help. I've been using it specifically to get rid of some hyperpigmentaion, as well as the occasional hormonal spot.

I've been using azelaic acid for about a month now, which coincided with getting two huge pimples. One was red, inflamed and painful. Not the end of the world, a little annoying, but perfect to test out this gel. I usually spot treat with a salcylic acid based product and while it works, it can sometimes take a while (not always), and the downside is dry, peeling skin. It also does nothing for the acne scars I always seem to get after.

I used Azclear Medicated Lotion which is in a 20% form. The lotion is slightly sticky and reminds me of glue we always used it primary school. Think it was PVA glue? The consistency is close to that, I think it even smells like it...

It's the most effective in calming down redness. It also takes away the "hardness" of a spot, and does help in clearing it up faster. Unlike other exfoliating acids, my skin wasn't dry and didn't peel at all. I think the lotion itself is more likely to peel if you apply too much.

I usually get dark acne scars that take months to go away if I don't use rosehip oil straight away. It doesn't always work though. Using azelaic acid, my spots haven't scarred like they usually do, but are red. They haven't completely disappeared, but they are lighter than they usually would be. The lotion hasn't done much for old scars, they have faded slightly within the last month, but nothing significant.

Tip: I've applied it alone and also below moisturiser. It works the same, but wearing moisturiser is more comfortable.

Some Brands
Ego Azclear Action Lotion - Australian/online
The Ordinary Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%
Finacea Gel - US, and Australia at some pharmacies
Azelex Azelaic Acid
Skinoren Azelaic Acid Cream

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