Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Miss Dior Cherie Perfume Review

This is one of my favourite perfumes. It's the Miss Dior Cherie before the most recent formula change. Dior has now dropped the "Cherie" from the label, but you can probably still find this version online.

Miss Dior Cherie is described as a Fruity Chypre, which is a subtype of the Chypre perfume family. Chypre fragrances are warm, dry and usually follow the following pattern:
top notes: citrus
heart notes: floral
base notes: woody (classically patchouli), oakmoss, amber and animalic

Here are the notes for Miss Dior Cherie:

Top Notes
mandarin orange

Heart Notes
rose damascena
intense jasmine

Base Notes

Initially, Miss Dior Cherie is sweet with its citrus top notes. The strawberry note isn't obvious to me, but it may account for the sweet tartness. I'm not the biggest lover of very sweet fragrances, but this is not cloyingly sugary. After an hour, the mandarin notes mellow, and a softer (white) floral scent takes over; the jasmine and rose makes the fragrance progressively deeper and warmer. The dry down is what I love the most; the base notes of sandalwood, patchouli and amber combine with the heart notes, making for an understatedly sensual and feminine fragrance that lingers on my skin for hours.

Miss Dior Cherie has a high longevity and lasts for around 8 hours on my skin and over 12 on clothes. The sillage is high in the beginning, which honestly isn't my favourite thing, but it calms down after a while and stays fairly close to the skin during the last few hours.

The new Miss Dior is also classified as a Chypre, but is now a Floral Chypre. The formula was tweaked during the end of 2011 and I think they dropped the 'Cherie' the following year. I've tried it, but didn't want to commit to a full bottle of something so similar. It is definitely floral, as the top notes are softer; the strawberry note is excluded while the base notes are only patchouli and musk. Since it doesn't open with the sharp sweetness of the old formula, it would probably be something I'll end up getting.

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