Friday, 26 February 2016

7 Ways to Change Your Skincare for the Winter

During winter, it can be difficult to maintain clear and healthy looking skin. The dry winds and low humidity can take its toll, making our exposed skin dry, cracked, itchy and irritated. It’s this time of year, more than ever, when we need to take extra measures to battle back against the cruel cold.

Here are some things you can do to keep yourself looking smooth and fresh.

Use exfoliating lotions or toners at night. Exfoliating acids like lactic or glycolic increase cell turnover to reveal "new" skin.
To read more about which exfoliant to use based on your skin type, click: here.
Don't use harsh scrubs on your face. Scrubs can irritate the skin and cause broken capillaries.
Shaving is a form of exfoliation. If you shave your legs (or face), you're removing the uppermost layer of skin cells.

> right after a shower, when your skin is still damp
> mix oil with moisturiser (like avocado)
> use oils as body lotion

Switch your cleansers to
> cream cleansers
> oil-based cleansers
> balm cleansers
> syndet bars/cleansers

Don't use skincare products
> that contain alcohols, denatured alcohol, SD alcohol or isopropyl alcohol as they will dry out your skin.
> are targeted for oily skin, usually these are way too stripping and cause your skin to compensate by producing more oil.

Use a moisturiser
> with humectants, which prevent the loss of moisture, and some attract and retain moisture (like hyaluronic acid)

Oils at Night
> use a facial oil
> rosehip, jojoba and argan are drier oils that absorb well into the skin and don't leave a greasy feeling
> read what I use, here.

Put on a Mask
> a hydrating mask
> make your own, here are a few recipes.

These tips aren't exclusive to winter, and can be used for those with dry, dehydrated skin and all year round. Happy pampering!

xo, Amali


  1. I have really dry skin right now, so this is great timing, thank you! Love your posts by the way xxx


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