Monday, 25 January 2016

Colour Changing Nail Polish Review

Yeah, I know I'm not 13 anymore and I shouldn't be so excited about colour changing nail polish, but I am. 

The pigment change is influenced by temperature; from your body, surroundings and water. I have Born Pretty Color Change Polish in number 100. It is more of a dark coral pink than a red as the picture on their website shows, and changes to a pastel yellow when warm.

Hot: Yellow
Cold: Pink
Available in five shades.

Your nails can also stay on an ombre effect if it's cold outside, as your body temperature will still keep the tops of your nails yellow. 

If I'm inside during the day, my nails are usually this colour as my hands are usually warm.

Durability: It doesn't last as long as high end nail polish like OPI, but you can get a good weeks use out of them.
Quality: I used two coats. One coat is a little sheer, but I think it could work over a normal polish and top coat, and this way it would last longer.

It was a cold night, so this is after I washed my hands with hot water.

It come's in 6mL and Born Pretty Store was kind enough to offer a 10% discount coupon on all nail items including polish, nail stamps and kits from their website exclusively to my blog readers! I've reviewed one of their liquid lipsticks before, and their products are of amazing quality, whilst being on the cheaper side. Click on the picture below or here!

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xo, Amali

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