Monday, 26 October 2015

Photos from my Sunday Morning Walk

I was up way too early for a Sunday; as the sun hadn't risen, and it was still dark outside. It was chilly for a Spring morning in October. Melbourne mornings can be far less forgiving though, so I wasn't complaining. I was going to drive up to visit a friend and walk/jog some trails, before I helped her with her wedding preparations. I had a mug of hot tea outside and watched the sunrise. There's something strangely refreshing about crisp, chilly mornings, especially if it has rained the night before.

After a thirty minute drive, I arrived at my friend's place, and we decided to go for a walk/jog. Overall it was about two hours. Her neighbourhood has a lot of bike trails, and quite a few parks surrounded by hundreds of trees, no houses.

the sunrise this morning

I'll be back to posting my beauty/skicare posts soon. I just thought I had to share some pictures of my walk since it was such a lovely day. Next time, I will definitely be putting up a few more (of myself, eats etc.), I just didn't happen to take any this time!

xo, Amali


  1. Lovely images
    Charlotte //

  2. The photos are amazing. I really wish there were some gorgeous places like this near where I live.

  3. Got to love Autumn for morning walks :)

  4. Me too! but it's Spring for me :P


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