Saturday, 17 October 2015

Fall Nails | Ombre | Gold & Silver Glitter

Here's another nail post. I thought I would try ombre nails. And to keep with the fall theme, I went with a warm gold on silver glitter.

I used three polishes; but you can use two. The first was just to intensify the silver glittered one, as it does dry more sheer with only one or two coats.

Step One
Start with a base. I skipped out on a base coat, and just used part one of a french manicure kit. I didn't realise at the time, but this polish is so old that they don't even make it anymore. I used two coats so the second polish will not look as sheer. You can use Sally Hansen French Manicure Nearly Nude or Sally Hansen French Manicure Nearly Nude in the colour My Vampire is Buff.

Step Two
Wait for the first polish to dry and clean the edges with nail polish remover. It's easier to take off when it isn't completely dry, rather than waiting until the end. I used one coat of Max Factor Glossfinity Angel Nails. I love using this polish on its own too as it lasts a long time without chipping.

Step Three
The secret to ombre nails is to use a makeup sponge. I use the small cosmetic wedges that you can buy a pack of from the chemist. I like to dampen it with water first and squeeze out the excess like you would do when applying foundation. This way, less of the polish is absorbed and the finish isn't as matte. You only need to apply a small (half a pea) amount onto the side of the sponge. Pat in the bottom of your nail first where you want it to be the most intense. Tap the remaining polish further up to create a faded effect. Finish with a top coat.

These nails are perfect for fall and spring. I wore them with a red flannel dress yesterday!

If you want to see dark, glittery Halloween nails, click HERE.

xo, Amali

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