Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Bright Pink Lips | Born Pretty Store

A bright lip can be intimidating, but it can really glam up an otherwise simple look. Here I try a pigmented gloss from Born Pretty Store. They have an amazing makeup range, which is budget friendly and high quality. I also have an exclusive coupon code for you below!

WITH flash

This is the Mili Fluorescent Moisturizing Lip Gloss in the shade 09.

  • long lasting
  • highly pigmented
  • highly moisturising
  • budget friendly
  • high quality
  • available in 12 colours

All features claim true, as this is the most pigmented lipgloss I've ever tried; it's more akin to a liquid lipstick. It lasts for most of the day, and is very moisturising. It has a glossy finish, and the colour is buildable. The finish can also be semi-matte when you apply the product by patting it in. It also smells like berries and candy! Below is what the gloss looks like without flash.


The product looks much more fluorescent in the bottle than when applied. I also like to dab a little on as a slight lip tint, and it actually makes a great pat-in blush.

The package arrived through international shipping from Hong Kong, and even though there was nothing fragile in the package, it was packaged extremely well, so there would be no trouble ordering items like eyeshadow and blush in the future. Born Pretty Store have kindly offered a discount to my blog readers. You can click below or HERE and use the code HAGH10 for 10% off!

What is your go-to lip colour for bright lips? Let me know below!

xo, Amali

*The product(s) above have been sent to me for my honest and unbiased review


  1. This is a great color! I need to be brave and rock a bright lip too... I usually go for the standard red :') x Sarah

    1. I was that way too at first, but a bright lip can be fun! xx


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