Saturday, 26 September 2015

Vitamins for Skin | What I take | Part III

Third and last segment of the supplements I take for healthy skin. Now, this one I don't take as much as I should, or at all really as I'm trying to convince myself that I can get it from food. But I really don't.

Omega-3 and -6 play an important role in how our skin functions and looks. The composition of skin can be modified by diet, as well as topical application of these essential fatty acids^.

'Brown flax seeds' by healthaliciousness licensed under CC BY 2.0

Links to Skin Health

  • these healthy fats have diverse roles, including maintaining the barrier functions, cell differentiation, inhibiting inflammation, promoting wound healing (McCusker and Grant-Kels)
  • supplementing omega-3 fatty acids and complementary topical treatment has been shown to aid psoriasis (Márquez-Balbás et al.)
  • photoprotective: supplementing certain omegas, as well as topical application, has shown to inhibit and reduce UV damage on skin (Kim et al.)
  • this in turn can benefit anti-ageing

I'm going to try and take in omegas from plants sources like seeds, greens and beans. And also consider taking a supplement.

To read about all the supplements I take, read Part I HERE and Part II HERE.

Bibliography (in order of reference)

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