Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel Review

Here's my review of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel which I purchased when I had oily skin, and as part of Clinique's 3-step system. The gel is light, easy to spread and not too runny. It is also a pale yellow, which doesn't stain your skin at all.

  • lightweight, oil-free gel for combination and oily skin
  • dermatologist-developed formula to maintain optimal moisture balance with skin-strengthening ingredients
  • gel texture provides a refreshing "moisture drink" without causing congestion
  • skin is left smooth, soft, comfortable, and hydrated.
  • daily moisturiser helps skin look younger, longer


  • works great under makeup, actually enhances they way foundation looks on the skin, probably due to the silicone
  • fills in fine lines, so is actually a great primer for makeup (albeit a very pricey one)
  • does contain beneficial extracts like cucumber, barley, sodium hyaluronate, glycerin and others
  • did not irritate or break me out
  • skin did look smoother and softer after use
  • did not make skin oilier
  • doesn't feel sticky after use
  • does not make oily skin oiler

  • the second ingredient is dimethicone, which is a silicon-based ingredient, which  forms a barrier on the skin, as well as filling fine lines and wrinkles, which is why it is used in many primers
  • I also question it's 'moisture-drink' claim as the first two ingredients after water, are a silicon and a solvent (isododecane)
  • not budget friendly

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