Monday, 28 September 2015

6 Facial Oils for Clear, Glowing Skin

Once upon a time, I would only use skincare (and makeup) if it was 'oil-free', because I had oily, breakout-prone skin. Like every other teenager. It wasn't very hard; every commercial, consultant and lady at the beauty counter recommended mattifying products once you told them your skin type. I guess, like everyone else, I listened and never questioned this advice, and this habit casually slipped into my early twenties. So, here I was, still avoiding oils like they were some deadly disease, and now I had started getting cystic acne. Which honestly, makes you a little desperate, and in hindsight, this was probably a good thing, because that is when I decided to do my own research.

I now love oils, and after trial and error, use different ones for a different purposes. Yes, I know I sound a little crazy, but they are honestly that amazing! Oil is your friend if you have oily skin. While my breakouts were hormonal, and diet related, my skin type was actually dehydrated because of the drying products I was using, and overcompensating by producing more oil. Yay!

Photos* 'red roses' and 'rose oil and jasmine' licensed under CC BY 2.0

Here are some oils that I frequently use:

Avocado Oil
I found this to be the best for under eyes at night. There's a popular under eye cream that contains avocado oil as their star ingredient. Well I thought, why not just use the real thing? It is a nutrient dense, thin oil, and viscous enough that you have to pat it in. In my opinion, it is not a great all over the face 'serum'. I only use this at night and you wake up with smooth and plump under eyes.

Argan Oil 
I use a moisturiser that contains this oil. On its own- it is great for dry, sensitive skin, as well as hair.

Rosehip Seed Oil
I use this on most nights, either on its own or under moisturiser. Here is an in-depth review about what I use and the benefits of rosehip oil. To be short, it is a great dry oil, that evens out your skintone.

Tea tree oil 
Amongst many other uses, this makes for a great spot treatment. I mix a drop with about a teaspoon (ratio) of avocado oil in a separate bottle; it is too potent for me to use on its own. I've tried - and was left with hyperpigmentation. Not fun. Sometimes I mix this with some moisturiser, which works just as well. I use Thursday Plantation.

Olive Oil
This is a great ingredient to add to home-made masks to make them more manageable and moisturising. Works well with: brown sugar, avocado, honey or turmeric. It is also a great stand alone hair mask. Put it in your hair for a few hours, or overnight, and shampoo off. My hair is definitely in better condition when I bother to do this.

Coconut Oil
This is probably the best makeup remover I've ever used. It's nature's balm cleanser. While it doesn't smell like roses, it gets the job done. Only downside, can get a little messy, especially in the summer. Olive oil works fairly well too.

Here are some oils on my ever-expanding To Try List:
  • jojoba oil: apparently the closest to sebum.
  • maracuja/passionfruit Oil
  • rose oil
  • lotus oil
  • grapeseed oil

xo, Amali

Photos*  left : red roses by christina rutz and right:'Pure Jasmine and Rose Oil Absolute Perfume' by Naomi King
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  1. ohhh I'm going to try your avocado oil suggestion tonight. Great post! <:-)


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