Wednesday, 9 September 2015

5 Foods that are Ageing You

What you eat has an impact on how you feel and look. Personally speaking, by changing my diet, I have noticed many improvements, from no longer feeling tired to curing my acne. While a sweet treat wont age you overnight, a continuous diet of junk will speed up the ageing process. Here are 5 habits that you can change to slow down the ageing process. 

Too many sweets
A natural process called glycation is to blame. Sugar binds to protein or fats in the bloodstream to produce advanced glycation end products or AGEs. Great name, huh? When sugar is elevated the glycation process will be heightened¹. Bad news for your skin, as collagen repair becomes less efficient. 

A high-fructose diet may negatively affect the normal ageing process². Now, I'm not going to stop eating fruit; that would be counterintuitive. They're full of vitamins antioxidants and minerals, which are great for your skin and overall health. The reason why people's fructose and sugar intake have increased in recent years beyond what is needed is due to the addition of high-fructose corn syrup and highly processed foods. So avoiding those as much as possible is key!

Too Much Salt
New research from this year showed that eating too much sodium was associated with faster cell ageing. As we age, the ends of our chromosomes-telomeres, naturally shorten. This process is accelerated by many factors, including smoking, high body fat and not exercising, but this recent study shows that a high-salt diet also has an impact.
'Salt' by Rahim Packir Saibo licensed under CC BY 2.0

Meats high in protein and fat are likely to form high levels of AGEs after cooking, while carbohydrate rich foods like vegetables, fruits and wholegrains contained low levels³. One study (see below) which tested the AGE content in several foods, showed that meat contained the highest levesls of AGEs per serving³.

'Burnt flesh' by Iain Farrell licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Charred Burned food
Cooking food at very high temperatures, burnt and charred foods all increase AGEs³. Lower moisture levels while cooking also increased AGE formation. So poaching, steaming and stewing are better alternatives to grilling and roasting.

If you would like to read about youth-boosting foods, tune in for my next post tomorrow!
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