Monday, 25 May 2015

MD Formulations Glycare Skin Perfection Gel Review

I've previously written about a product I use to exfoliate, where glycolic acid was the star ingredient. Here, I review another product that contains the same ingredient, but a very different formulation.

When I feel a spot or pimple creeping its way to ruin my life to the surface of my skin, I make sure to use this gel to stop it in it's ugly tracks. I use this as a spot treatment, which means I still have a lot remaining, even though I've had it for so long. I also keep it on my bathroom counter, so it now looks a little weathered:

  • exfoliates skin surface, revealing refined and smooth skin 
  • aids in preventing future skin imperfections
  • clinically proven to reduce and heal blemishes
  • infused with 1% salicylic acid and a Glycolic Compound
  • ideal for daytime use or as a targeted spot treatment
  • allergy tested and pH balanced
  • fragrance free 
  • suitable for all skin types

MD Formulations Skin Perfection Gel is a clear liquid that is slightly viscous and dries within seconds of application.

Purified Water
SD Alcohol 40 B: specially denatured alcohol
Glycolic Acid: key ingredient, an alpha-hydroxy acid, 'peeling' effect, exfoliates
Hydroxylpropyl Methylcellulose: binding and viscosity increasing agent
Ammonium Glycolate: a synthetic form of glycolic acid, an exfoliant, pH adjuster
Salicylic Acid: beta-hydroxy acid, naturally occuring and synethetically produced, all round anti-acne hero

  • exfoliates skin revealing softer skin
  • if you can catch a breakout right under the surface of your skin, a few applications can stop a nasty pimple forming into an angry cyst
  • is not overtly harsh
  • ideal for daytime use, however be very light handed if you are going to wear makeup

  • skin will get dry and peel, so moisturise after
  • not as effective for cysts that have come to a head but will help in skin cells renewing faster, so breakouts do disappear in a shorter time than if they were left alone
  • if you wear this under makeup, especially too much, it is not a good look

How I use the gel: 

I use this as a spot treatment during the night, and during the day when I'm not wearing makeup.
From my experience, I notice the greatest change when I use this at the earliest sign of a spot appearing. It is a miracle cure as it stops the pimple from even forming. It is not a miracle cure if you are looking to magically zap away already existing acne. I think in that case, the product name is a little misleading.

If I have a pimple on a particularly boring day, I forgo the makeup, and apply and reapply the gel every few hours. You will find that your skin will peel. Your face won't burn and fall off. The top layers of your skin will just be shedding. In a non disgusting way, I swear. During that same night, I moisturise, and even put on facial oils, This counteracts the drying effects and completely clears spots if I'm lucky. If I'm not, the pimple will be at least significantly smaller the next morning.
Just to note, I'm talking about pimples, the angry red, hormonal, or random cystic acne. Not zits. They go away faster when you use this, but because they are so tiny, you can end up applying this to the surrounding normal skin, and you may end up with dry, overly exfoliated patches.

Repurchase? I personally want to try different products for a spot treatment, only because I have had this for so long.


  1. Oooh this sounds quite interesting! I might have to give this a go!
    Jennie Emma

    1. It's definitely a great product! xo

  2. Hi Cannot find it anymore. Soneone know where i can buy it?

    1. I bought it from Beautybay, think it still should be there :)


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