Sunday, 5 April 2015

Goodness Everyday Cream Cleanser Review

Here's the cleanser I'm currently using.

I’ll get your skin spick and span, soft and smooth. With all the goodness of apple extract, chia seed, avocado and coconut oils, you’ll be prepped for what comes next, day or night "
  • removes makeup
  • cleanses without drying skin 
  • natural ingredients 'no nonsense included'
  • includes chia seed oil (which seems to be the hero of the brand)


I know it says that you can remove makeup with this but I like to keep that as a separate step. I just use this to cleanse my skin. I use this in the morning, and the nights I haven't worn any/a little makeup. It doesn't work well for removing makeup unless you use it on your face dry, then try to 'dissolve' the makeup first. I just use coconut oil.

It has the consistency of a light lotion.

The good:
  • 'natural' ingredients are at the top of the list 
  • gentle, doesn't leave skin red and stripped from all moisture 
  • never leaves skin dry
  • no animal testing
  • nice packaging, flip lid would have been a little easier though
  • contains essential oils which some people find irritating
  • doesn't suggest how much of the product to actually use
  • there is no ingredient list on their website

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