Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Vegan Banana Bread Cupcakes Recipe

Here's a simple recipe to make banana bread cupcakes. After finding an overipened banana, the plan was to make banana bread, but I changed my mind. You can make this in one bowl, and either put it into a bread tin, or make cupcakes like I did. This isn't as healthy as my last recipe, but it still tastes amazing and fills the house with that warm banana and vanilla aroma. Perfect for winter!

This recipe makes for 12 cupcakes or 1 loaf of banana bread. The pictures below are of me making this recipe with half the ingredients because I just had one banana left!

You can use one bowl, or a measuring jug like I did...

Vegan Banana Bread Cupcakes

PREP: 10 mins
COOK: 50 mins

2 very ripe large bananas, mashed
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup soy milk or any other milk of choice
2 cups unbleached plain flour
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon baking soda

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas Nails | Red, Gold and Glitter

Here's a short post of my Christmas nails. I usually wear one festive colour during the holiday season, maybe do an accent nail, but I decided to drink a little too much mulled wine and this is what happened. Ok, being serious now, I really thought mulled wine would have very little to no alcohol. I was very wrong. But really really happy, so it's okay. I don't think my friend made it properly, but it was amazing. 

So, I used:
  • the gold shimmer nail is a really old gold polish that I had forgotten about: China Glaze Gold Fusion
  • over the gold on some nails is W7 nail polish in bronze debris, which is similar to OPI Holiday Nail in The Living Daylights. It's pretty sheer so I packed it on instead of 'gliding' the brush and applied about 2-3 coats
  • the red is Australis in Fresh Pepper For Ya

The photo below was taken with the flash on, and actually dulls down the polish. The glitter applied to the top is actually way more reflective and not as flat as in the picture.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Is Mineral Oil Bad for your Skin? What Science Says

I feel like a lot of people are confused about mineral oil and whether it is actually bad for your skin. I don't use skincare face products with mineral oil as it's main ingredient, but I don't avoid it completely. I use Lucas' Papaw Ointment as a 'lip balm' with 'petroleum jelly', and I use plenty of hand creams, body lotions that contain mineral oil. Here is what I found out after a LOT of research and reading and sorting through the 'sponsored by famous mineral oil using skincare line' articles.

Mineral Oil is also know as:
  • liquid paraffin
  • pariffinum liquidum
  • white oil
  • baby oil (which is mineral oil + fragrance)

Reasons to keep calm and carry on with your mineral oil-based FACE moisturisers
  • It is used in moisturisers as a semi-occlusive ingredient- they physically block water loss from the skin (stratum corneum) by forming a hydrophobic film (Leena C., Papapit T. et al. 2014)
  • cosmetic grade mineral oil, which is heavily refined, was found to be non-comedogenic (DiNardo, 2005)
  • It's cheap - usually mineral oil based skincare is affordable because it is a very inexpensive ingredient
  • Because you DGAF

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Sunday, 13 December 2015

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation Review

Here's another foundation review. I reviewed Studio Fix Fluid earlier, and I bought Pro Longwear a couple of months ago and I feel like I've used it enough to now write up a review.

  • a long-wear foundation, giving up to 15 hours of wear in any environmental condition
  • lightweight and creamy
  • applies smoothly 
  • sheer to medium coverage
  • controls oil, keeping skin fresh, natural and flawless, even in hot and humid conditions
  • provides an SPF of 10

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My Morning Skincare Routine

I switch up my skincare routine pretty frequently depending on the season and what products I happen to be trying out. It's pretty warm now, but not yet humid. My skin is normal to slightly oily, with drier cheeks when it is not humid. The dry skin is a relatively new thing for me. I'm still not completely sure what's causing it. But this cleanser and toner combo is definitely helping.

Goodness Everyday Cream Cleanser. Great for a gentle cleanse that doesn't strip the natural oils from your skin. In the morning, there is not much to wash off, and this does a great job. Here is the review.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

7 DIY sheet masks for your skin type

So, sheet masks: the latest trend in the skincare world. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but they are hard to come by whenever I head to the pharmacy. So, I decided to make my own. Here's a few recipes that you can try at home.

You will need: cotton rounds, or squares that you can separate into halves/quarters so they are thinner. Soak them in the the concotions listed below. For ten minutes or overnight. Your choice.

For Dry Skin

Grate a potato and squeeze juice from flesh. Add mashed cucumber (optional). Soak cotton rounds. Apply to cleansed skin for 10-15 minutes or until dry.
Note: Potatoes contain hyaluronic acid. See why HA is the bomb for dry skin HERE.

Monday, 30 November 2015

7 DIY face masks for acne and oily skin

I've already done a post about what ingredients work best for dry skin, so here is what works well for acne-prone skin. You can use these on their own or use the recipes below.

Green tea
I've written a whole post about why green tea is great for skin, which you can check out here. It is rich is anti-oxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties that are proven to be beneficial when ingested as well as topically applied. As a teenager I had oily skin, and after drinking a cup of green tea for a week, I remember noticing that my face was not as oily.
How: Soak cotton rounds in brewed, cooled green tea and apply.

Here's a face mask for those with acne but dehydrated and dry skin.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

5 DIY face masks for dry skin

While I love store bought clays and masks (maybe a little too much), I also love making them at home. You know exactly what goes into them, and they are free from unnecessary fillers and preservatives.

If your skin type is dry, it's winter, or you've just collapsed after a windy hike, here are some great masks to hydrate your parched skin. I have trialled all of these over the years, and this is what ingredients and methods work the best for me. when I have dry skin.

'Potato' by Johannes Jander licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Healthy Banana Nut Bread Recipe | Vegan + No Added Sugar

When you find forgotten bananas on your kitchen counter, this is what you need to make. I often bake banana bread, it's simple, requires one bowl, and leaves the house smelling amazing.

Here's an easy recipe that is nutritious and won't leave you feeling sluggish after indulging in your favourite dessert (or breakfast).

Friday, 20 November 2015

RevivSerums TelomErase Triple Telomere Targeting Serum Review

I've been on the lookout for a serum for a while now; I love facial oils, but the best serums are formulated to target specific concerns like anti-ageing, acne scars etc. with concentrated ingredients. So here is a review on something I have been testing out for the last two and a half weeks.

RevivSerums TelomErase Serum is a 6-in-one multi-corrective serum.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Coral Nails and Getting Lost Driving to the Country | Australia

Here's a quick little post: a few pictures of a where I went two weekends ago, and a nail swatch.

This is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Coral Reef. The picture was taken three days after application, so it's a little chipped. It's what I wore with a blush dress for my friends wedding. It took about a week until I decided it looked too chipped. I've reviewed another pink shade from the same line before. You can check it out here.

I'm trying to grow my nails out again, and I find that mixing avocado oil with hand cream or body lotion before I got to bed is really helping. And I wake up with the most moisturised and softest hands. It definitely beats just using body lotion or hand cream. I think it would work well with any oil too. I just happen to have avocado oil near by because I use it as an eye cream.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Healthy Cacao Kiwi Oats Recipe

Here's what I had for breakfast today. It's Spring here, and the mornings are still a little chilly, so oatmeal is something that I love to make to wake myself up.

This warm bowl of goodness is packed with vitamins and fibre with a chocolatey twist. Here's a nutrient dense meal that will keep you satisfied until lunch time.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Tea for Skin: Green Tea (3)

I used to drink green tea all the time. I mean, at least one cup for a couple of years since I was 16. Here's why I (and you) need to brew yourself a cup tomorrow morning. All studies are referenced at the end of the post.

'Matcha Latte' by Kirinohana licensed under CC BY 2.0

UV protection when drinking green tea
The primary cause of skin ageing and cancers is exposure and overexposure to UV radiation from the sun. Green tea polyphenols, when orally consumed has been shown to prevent oxidative damage from UV light (Vayalil et al.)

Applying green tea
Treating skin with green tea, or an extract of green tea, has been studied and shown to have properties that inhibit some effects caused by UV radiation (Elmets et al.)
While I won't be tossing my sunscreen aside, it is easy to make your own green tea toner, and use it every day. This is something I will definitely be trying and posting about in future. Maybe a before and after 1 week experiment?

Green tea also has anti-inflammatory effects when it is applied onto skin (Katiyar). This is further tied to the point above, as UV radiation can cause redness and, thus inflammation. If you have occasional acne, drinking green tea may reduce the amount of swelling and redness (inflammation).

Free radicals are damaging and can enter the body through environmental toxins like UV rays, cigarette smoke, pollution as well as drugs, pesticides, exercise and inflammation. Antioxidants 'scavenge' these molecules and decrease the damage that would otherwise ensue. Polyphenols in green tea act as antioxidants by reducing and preventing damage that free radicals may cause (Nugala et al.)

Controlling Oily Skin
Sebum is secreted from the sebaceous glands and what keeps our skin moisturised and protected. Excess sebum is associated with oily skin, and common to those with acne or other skin disorders. Various studies, including one in 2013, showed green tea actually lowered elevated sebum levels in a 60 day trial (Nugala et al.).

Anti-ageing and overall skin improvement
This is probably the most convincing reason why I will be drinking green tea again. Not just green tea, but eating and drinking foods containing flavanols can improve the qulaity of skin as well as slow down skin ageing. In 2006, a study was conducted where women who consumed a high flavanol beverage for 12 weeks. They showed improved skin conditions through increased photoprotection, improved dermal blood flow, increased skin hydration, thickness and smoothness of the skin (Heinrich U et al.)

Green tea can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Easiest, are green tea bags: Twinings are convenient to use and Prince of Peace are organic.

Ways to sneak green tea into your diet and skincare regimen
  • loose tea
  • K-Cup's
  • Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • iced tea
  • green tea lattes
  • green tea cupcakes (it's a thing - try it!)
  • green tea desserts
  • toner: Innisfree Green Tea Pure Skin Toner is a popular Korean brand or make your own
  • face masks using matcha powder - review coming up soon!
  • add powder to your smoothies/juices
  • steaming face with green tea, loose works best

Do you drink green tea? What's your favourite type?

xo, Amali


Vayalil, Praveen K. et al. 'Green Tea Polyphenols Prevent Ultraviolet Light-Induced Oxidative Damage And Matrix Metalloproteinases Expression In Mouse Skin'. J Invest Dermatol 122.6 (2004): 1480-1487. Web.

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Monday, 9 November 2015

Hyaluronic acid for Skin

If you have ever wanted to hydrate your desperately parched skin during winter or improve 'ageing' skin; you've probably heard of hyaluronic acid (HA). Or perhaps you haven't. So let me explain the latest science-backed trending ingredient of the moment.

'I-Spa Facial Treatment' by InterContinental Hong Kong licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

REVIEW | DEMO | Maybelline Master Smoky Shadow Liner

This shadow liner/pencil looked promising for those of us who want to do a quick smoky eye, and who just also want a thicker eyeliner that can be easily smudged. 

I have the colour scorching brown, but I think it is also called smoking charcoal.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Photos from my Sunday Morning Walk

I was up way too early for a Sunday; as the sun hadn't risen, and it was still dark outside. It was chilly for a Spring morning in October. Melbourne mornings can be far less forgiving though, so I wasn't complaining. I was going to drive up to visit a friend and walk/jog some trails, before I helped her with her wedding preparations. I had a mug of hot tea outside and watched the sunrise. There's something strangely refreshing about crisp, chilly mornings, especially if it has rained the night before.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Tea tree oil for Acne

When I waxed my eyebrows for the first time, I woke up the next morning with tiny zits where the wax had touched my skin. They went away after a few days, but weren't very attractive. I still waxed them again, though. I just thought: maybe I had done something wrong.... The second time I didn't get any spots.

I did do something different though. I was using a wax kit from the pharmacy, and it contained those flimsy 'finishing wipes', that you're supposed to use to remove any remaining wax. I used those, as well as a moisturiser (which contained tea tree oil) to remove the wax.  I had given up using the moisturiser for it's intended purpose; it was too heavy and oily. As it was oil-based, I thought it would dissolve the wax well, which it did. The next morning, I had no spots. I know it was the tea tree oil because, if I wax by myself, or get them done, and don't apply this and wash off, I get red zits the next morning. 

The moisturiser I used: Tea tree & Witch Hazel Complexion Perfection Moisturiser.

Tea tree oil is native to Australia, and has the following properties:
  • anti-septic, and
  • anti-bacterial (Carson, Hammer and Riley)
  • anti-inflammatory; it can reduce histamine-induced inflammation (Koh et al.)
  • has been shown to be effective in treating acne (Bassett, Pannowitz , Barnetson)

It is a dry oil and is extremely potent, so I mix this with another lighter oil, like avocado or olive. I use one drop (tea tree) to a teaspoon ratio.

Growing up in Australia, tea tree oil was always in the bathroom cabinet. I have a few bottles now. The one pictured is from Bosisto's. I also have Thursday Plantation 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil

I love incorporating oils into my whole skincare routine from cleansing to eye cream. If you would like to see what I use click HERE.

xo, Amali


Koh, K.J. et al. 'Tea Tree Oil Reduces Histamine-Induced Skin Inflammation'. Br J Dermatol 147.6 (2002): 1212-1217. Web.

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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Fall Nails | Ombre | Gold & Silver Glitter

Here's another nail post. I thought I would try ombre nails. And to keep with the fall theme, I went with a warm gold on silver glitter.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Bright Pink Lips | Born Pretty Store

A bright lip can be intimidating, but it can really glam up an otherwise simple look. Here I try a pigmented gloss from Born Pretty Store. They have an amazing makeup range, which is budget friendly and high quality. I also have an exclusive coupon code for you below!

WITH flash

Sunday, 11 October 2015

What I use for Long Eyelashes + Eyebrows

Continuing on from my last post, I wanted to share what brand of castor oil I use for eyebrow and eyelash growth experiment, as well as how I apply it.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Nails | Halloween | Black & Gold Glitter

Halloween is this month, so here's something to get you into the occasion! It's a simple two-step process and requires no skill. I'm still trying to learn about nail art and I just purchased a cheap glittery polish. It did look a little better in the bottle, and doesn't look as great in photos. I'm not so keen on black nails, but the glitter really does take the edge off.

I used two colours; black and gold speckled nail varnish.

Both the polishes I used are budget brands, and work surprisingly well.
TBN nail varnish in black
W7 nail polish in bronze debris

If you want your polish to be more long lasting, I would recommend using:
OPI Nail Lacquer Black Onyx
OPI Holiday Nail Lacquer The Living Daylights
China Glaze Rest In Pieces

Happy Painting!

xo, Amali

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Essence Lip Liner | Cute Pink | Review

So, here's a great budget lipliner I decided to pick up the other day. I'm not into lipliners at all, in fact this is only my third one. The first two were a gift and part of a makeup kit when I was 14. I just thought they were for lining the outside of your lips, like my Science teacher did, (apparently a different colour to her lipstick). Now, lipliners seem to have made a huge comeback, and I've decided to begrudgingly join the bandwagon. I've always loved lipsticks, balms and stains, but I decided to finally cave in.

I didn't want to splurge on something I was still on the fence for, so I just decided to pick this up while I was at the Chemist. I thought this would be bone dry, considering it was bought from loose change, but it's surprisingly creamy and pigmented.

I have the shade Cute Pink, which is a cool toned bright pink. It is probably not my colour, because of my skintone, but it's good under or ombre-ed with a darker lipstick. I have darker lips, so on its own, this comes off a little purple(?). It isn't a matte finish, but slightly dewy.

I will definitely be trying other colours from Essence Lip Liners, like Soft Berry and Wish Me A Rose.
xo, Amali

Monday, 28 September 2015

6 Facial Oils for Clear, Glowing Skin

Once upon a time, I would only use skincare (and makeup) if it was 'oil-free', because I had oily, breakout-prone skin. Like every other teenager. It wasn't very hard; every commercial, consultant and lady at the beauty counter recommended mattifying products once you told them your skin type. I guess, like everyone else, I listened and never questioned this advice, and this habit casually slipped into my early twenties. So, here I was, still avoiding oils like they were some deadly disease, and now I had started getting cystic acne. Which honestly, makes you a little desperate, and in hindsight, this was probably a good thing, because that is when I decided to do my own research.

I now love oils, and after trial and error, use different ones for a different purposes. Yes, I know I sound a little crazy, but they are honestly that amazing! Oil is your friend if you have oily skin. While my breakouts were hormonal, and diet related, my skin type was actually dehydrated because of the drying products I was using, and overcompensating by producing more oil. Yay!

Photos* 'red roses' and 'rose oil and jasmine' licensed under CC BY 2.0

Here are some oils that I frequently use:

Avocado Oil
I found this to be the best for under eyes at night. There's a popular under eye cream that contains avocado oil as their star ingredient. Well I thought, why not just use the real thing? It is a nutrient dense, thin oil, and viscous enough that you have to pat it in. In my opinion, it is not a great all over the face 'serum'. I only use this at night and you wake up with smooth and plump under eyes.

Argan Oil 
I use a moisturiser that contains this oil. On its own- it is great for dry, sensitive skin, as well as hair.

Rosehip Seed Oil
I use this on most nights, either on its own or under moisturiser. Here is an in-depth review about what I use and the benefits of rosehip oil. To be short, it is a great dry oil, that evens out your skintone.

Tea tree oil 
Amongst many other uses, this makes for a great spot treatment. I mix a drop with about a teaspoon (ratio) of avocado oil in a separate bottle; it is too potent for me to use on its own. I've tried - and was left with hyperpigmentation. Not fun. Sometimes I mix this with some moisturiser, which works just as well. I use Thursday Plantation.

Olive Oil
This is a great ingredient to add to home-made masks to make them more manageable and moisturising. Works well with: brown sugar, avocado, honey or turmeric. It is also a great stand alone hair mask. Put it in your hair for a few hours, or overnight, and shampoo off. My hair is definitely in better condition when I bother to do this.

Coconut Oil
This is probably the best makeup remover I've ever used. It's nature's balm cleanser. While it doesn't smell like roses, it gets the job done. Only downside, can get a little messy, especially in the summer. Olive oil works fairly well too.

Here are some oils on my ever-expanding To Try List:
  • jojoba oil: apparently the closest to sebum.
  • maracuja/passionfruit Oil
  • rose oil
  • lotus oil
  • grapeseed oil

xo, Amali

Photos*  left : red roses by christina rutz and right:'Pure Jasmine and Rose Oil Absolute Perfume' by Naomi King
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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Vitamins for Skin | What I take | Part III

Third and last segment of the supplements I take for healthy skin. Now, this one I don't take as much as I should, or at all really as I'm trying to convince myself that I can get it from food. But I really don't.

Omega-3 and -6 play an important role in how our skin functions and looks. The composition of skin can be modified by diet, as well as topical application of these essential fatty acids^.

'Brown flax seeds' by healthaliciousness licensed under CC BY 2.0

Links to Skin Health

  • these healthy fats have diverse roles, including maintaining the barrier functions, cell differentiation, inhibiting inflammation, promoting wound healing (McCusker and Grant-Kels)
  • supplementing omega-3 fatty acids and complementary topical treatment has been shown to aid psoriasis (Márquez-Balbás et al.)
  • photoprotective: supplementing certain omegas, as well as topical application, has shown to inhibit and reduce UV damage on skin (Kim et al.)
  • this in turn can benefit anti-ageing

I'm going to try and take in omegas from plants sources like seeds, greens and beans. And also consider taking a supplement.

To read about all the supplements I take, read Part I HERE and Part II HERE.

Bibliography (in order of reference)

^Ziboh VA, Chapkin RS. Biologic significance of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the skin. Arch Dermatol

McCusker, Meagen M., and Jane M. Grant-Kels. 'Healing Fats Of The Skin: The Structural And Immunologic Roles Of The Ω-6 And Ω-3 Fatty Acids'. Clinics in Dermatology 28.4 (2010): 440-451. Web.

Márquez-Balbás, Gemma, M Sánchez-Regaña, and Umbert Millet. 'Study On The Use Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids As A Therapeutic Supplement In Treatment Of Psoriasis'. CCID (2011): 73. Web.

Kim, H. H. 'Photoprotective And Anti-Skin-Aging Effects Of Eicosapentaenoic Acid In Human Skin In Vivo'. The Journal of Lipid Research 47.5 (2006): 921-930. Web.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Vitamins for Skin | Zinc | Part II

So here's the second supplement I occasional take. I bought it for the zinc, but it also happens to contain three others.

I started taking zinc about two years ago. I would still get the occasional monthly spot and I whenever I would, the scarring and pigmentation would take so long to go away. So now I take zinc if I feel a spot coming on, and it really helps for it not to turn into a huge angry, red pimple. There are thousands of anecdotal accounts online of people with acne finding the cure when they take zinc; this could mean they were deficient before.

Vitamin C
Vit. C is the most plentiful antioxidant in human skin and works to protect the skin from free radicals from UV. It also is essential in collagen synthesis, and can also aid in hyperpigmentation (acne scars, uneven skintone) as we all inflammation (acne, rosacea).

For years, people have been using Dead Sea salt to cure various skin ailments. Actually I've always wanted to visit to the real Dead Sea just to see how beautiful it is in real life and experience the 'floating'. Nothing to do with skin, but I thought I'd throw that in there. The reason is believed to be is that these salts are rich in magnesium. A 2005 study showed that Dead Sea salt enhanced skin hydration, improved barrier function and reduced roughness and redness (Proksch et al.). That sounds promising.

How much I take: I take maybe three a month. There have been times where I have taken zinc for a week daily, but I try not to overdo this one as it is not recommended to take it routinely.
This particular kind also contains vitamin c and magnesium.

Benefits to hair loss and growth
Something I have also noticed is that my hair no longer falls out as much as it used to. A 2013 study pointed out that individuals with hair loss had lower serum zinc levels than the control group (Kil, Kim and Kim).

Links to Skin Health
  • Lower zinc levels have been associated with severity and type of acne (Mogaddam et al.,2014)
  • Zinc has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and may decrease sebum production (Brandt, 2013)
  • Zinc sulphate has been found to be a good choice for treating rosacea (Gessert et al. 2013)
  • zinc  is important in studies of wound healing skin renewal (Schwartz, Marsh and Draelos)

I used Blackmores ZinvitC250. Here are some great zinc vitamins if you can't find this one:

Blackmores Zinc Treatment of Acne
Zinc for Acne 100 tabs
Nature's Bounty Chelated Zinc
Liquid Zinc

If you missed part I, click here, where I talk about the first vitamin I take; the most important one.

xo, Amali


Proksch, Ehrhardt et al. 'Bathing In A Magnesium-Rich Dead Sea Salt Solution Improves Skin Barrier Function, Enhances Skin Hydration, And Reduces Inflammation In Atopic Dry Skin'. International Journal of Dermatology 44.2 (2005): 151-157. Web.

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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Vitamins for Skin | Vitamin D | Part I

So, I thought I would share what supplements I like to take for my skin. While, I no longer have acne, when I did (cystic all over my cheeks and small spots on my forehead), taking these helped me immensely. The real cure for me was changing my diet, but I know everyone is different and that isn't the solution for everyone.

Now, I don't take vitamins everyday. If you eat a balanced diet, it's possible to get all you need from food. But, let's be real here, a lot of people are vitamin deficient, and need the extra help. When I've had a weekend of indulgence, travel or just feel like my skin isn't looking it's best, I take whichever I need, not all of the at once, or on the same day.

Here are some facts and why I think each vitamin is important for skin health. Starting with what I think is the most important one.

Vitamin D
The best natural source is through UV from the sun, but if you live in a colder climate, it's winter, have darker skin, or an office job, you may be deficient.

Here are a few interesting statistics:
  • In Australia, 23% or 4 million adults had a Vit D deficiency (Australian Bureau of Statistics)
  • In the US, 24% were at risk for inadequacy and 8% were at risk of deficiency (U.S Department of Health and Human Services, 2001-2006)
  • In North India, 78% of healthy hospital staff and 84% of pregnant women were found to be deficient (International Osteoporosis Foundation)
  • Up to 79% of Iranian and 80% of Saudi Arabian teenage girls had levels below sufficiency (International Osteoporosis Foundation)

Ok, so that's millions of people. Is this not some type of epidemic? And I was one of them about two years ago. I had just got the results of a blood test, and I was so low that I had to take four a day (1000IU each) for a few months and one a day for a year! Now I take one or two when I feel like it. Especially during the winter. One thing that I noticed at the time was that after a while, I was breaking out a lot less and the smaller spots on my forehead were gone. My skin also became wayyy less of an oil producing extravaganza!

Darker Skin
People with naturally darker skin may need longer exposure because the higher amount of melanin affects UV penetration.

Link to Skin Health
  • Vitamin D has antimicrobial properties through the production of peptides^
  • skin is the site of synthesis for Vitamin D^
  • vitamin D synthesis is related to skin cell (keratinocyte) grown and differentiation^

I currently use Swisse Vitamin D, but I'm not too fussed. Here are some great options!

xo, Amali

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